Our names are Wyatt and Walt Sawday–thanks for stopping by to read this blog. We’ve recently started publishing our writing on Amazon and would love to hear your thoughts and impressions on our work (feel free to check out our author page at : https://www.amazon.com/W-and-W-Sawday…).

We’re two brothers who love to read and write. We were born in Portland, Oregon (Wyatt about a minute before Walt–a fact Wyatt derives way too much self-satisfaction from). When we’re not thumping our foreheads against our desks or staring out the window, you might find Wyatt at the gym putting way too much weight on a bench press or Walt at the movie theater eating way too many Milk Duds.

We’ll be posting updates on this blog about our current works-in-progress and maybe some other random thoughts. We’d love to hear from those who’ve read our books and stories, so please feel free to email us at wyatt.sawday@gmail.com with your thoughts. We sincerely thank you for stopping by, and hope you enjoy our writing!

W & W Sawday


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