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Blue Sky Tag Interview

We were nominated for the Blue Sky Tag by Dominic Scezki (thanks!) – be sure to check out his blog here

Here are Dominic’s questions and our answers:

What’s your favorite writing style?

Wyatt: I love post-modernism. I understand why people dislike it, and I understand that its usefulness might have run its course, but that’s the style that got me interested in writing to begin with.

Walt: I have a soft spot for sci-fi because that’s what I grew up reading, and no matter how much Wyatt proselytizes about “serious” fiction, I’ll always love it.

Who’s your favorite author?

Wyatt: Don DeLillo

Walt: Cormac McCarthy

What’s your favorite time of the day to write?

Wyatt: Probably first thing in the morning. I don’t get to do it very often because of work, but I tend to find that’s when I’m the most productive.

Walt: Evening. This is more a hold-over from when I worked (I’m in grad school now), but I’ve stuck with it, and now I find it next to impossible to write at any other time.

Where do you like to write the most?

Wyatt: I have a small office in my apartment where I like to work. I think it’s useful to have a dedicated space for it.

Walt: In bed (it’s probably the one thing I can claim to share with Nabokov).

Are you a planner or a pantzier?

Wyatt: Definitely not a planner.

Walt: Since Wyatt’s typically all over the place I try and plan things out a little.

What are your go-to snack foods for a writing streak?

Wyatt: No food. I can’t eat and type.

Walt: Coffee.

What’s your favorite style of music for writing?

Wyatt: I can’t even talk on the phone with the TV on. People who can write and listen to music are gods.

Walt: Slipknot. (Just kidding-I’m with Wyatt on this one).

Outlines: yea or nay?

Wyatt: The sound a horse makes.

Walt: Ditto.

Do you ever kill characters?

Wyatt: I don’t kill characters. Sometimes my characters kill each other.

Walt: No-that’s Wyatt’s job.

What’s the hardest thing about writing?

Wyatt: All the time I spend worrying about not writing.

Walt: Closing the rest of the world off and finding the right mindset.

Why do I write?

Wyatt: To entertain.

Walt: To make Wyatt laugh.


We really enjoyed answering these questions. If you have any more for us, ask below! We’re going to create a subsequent post some time this weekend with a list of our own nominations and questions. Until then, thanks for stopping by,


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