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What Are You Working Toward?

Stuck in the doldrums of winter, we often find it’s useful to think about the things we’re working toward to keep ourselves motivated.

We’re currently working hard to get our new novel ready for publication on March 1st. One of us has to carve out time before and after work (like 99.9% of writers), the other from law school, to get this thing as perfect as we can make it. It’s coming together nicely, but the real joy is going to come when it’s finally available online. When the first sale comes in. When the first review gets posted.

After we publish the novel, we’re taking a vacation to a sunny-locale with our family. As much as we love the northwest, it’s going to be a relief to see some sunshine, drink some beer, and sit by the pool.

For this blog, we’re constantly working to deliver better content and to reach more readers. We don’t really have any specific goals in mind, but every view, like, and follow is certainly a judge in the right direction.

Each of us has broader goals that we might not think about as obsessively as we’re currently dreaming about palm trees and Bloody Mary’s, but we find that it’s useful to remind ourselves of these as well: this newest novel is just one more building block in our path to becoming writers; every court opinion read is one more step toward becoming a lawyer; every client helped is another step forward in Wyatt’s profession.

What goals do you have? What sorts of things do you think about or do to keep yourself motivated? Let us know in the comments below. As always, thanks for reading,

W & W Sawday




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