What book would you most like to see made into a movie, and who would the director be?

Wyatt: White Noise directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. ‘Nuff said.

Walt: I’d really, really like to see a decent movie made based on Dune. David Lynch’s version was overwrought and incoherent (whether or not it was his fault or the studio’s). The Syfy TV series wasn’t terrible…but it wasn’t nearly as good as it could be. I think with today’s special effects it could be done really well. For a director I’d have Christopher Nolan, who’s shown his chops with special effects (Interstellar, Inception) and an ability to make meaningful characters out of heroes (Batman Trilogy).

What do you think about our selections? What books would you pick? It could be a book that’s never been made into a movie before, or a remake. And don’t forget to pick a director. Let us know!

W & W Sawday


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