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Amazing Review/Reviewer

Hey All,

We recently stumbled across an amazing review of one of our short stories (Porce’s Constrictor). The review was written by Meggan Haller, who is also a writer. When we say the review is amazing, we do not mean that it heaped praise on the story (while Meggan did have some kind things to say, she also had some really good points about where the story could have been improved); rather, we mean that Meggan clearly spent a lot of time and energy analyzing the story. She identified themes and character dynamics, she examined the plot and the writing style.

Because we were so impressed with our review, we checked out some of her other reviews. We found them to be–without exception–equally informative, well-written, and thought-provoking. Because of this, we felt compelled to give Meggan a shout-out here on our site in the hope that some of you will go and check out her blog–it’s really excellent.

Please check out the review of the story, here.

Also, please show Meggan your support by checking out her blog and giving her a follow, here.

We’d like to point out, of course, that we welcome all reviews of our work, and that every review need not be this in-depth. However, it was a pretty cool feeling to read a review that paid so much attention to detail and devoted so much time to our work. Even a short story like Porce’s Constrictor takes an absurd amount of time to write; we spend hours fussing over a single word, and to have a review like this one that offers a careful critique is pretty special.

On a final note, it’s moments exactly like this that make us thankful we’ve started putting our work out there. We had no idea our story was being reviewed by Meggan, and to stumble across such a well-written and thoughtful review was amazing. For us, this process has been great not because people are downloading our stories, but because we get to meet so many fantastic, talented individuals.

Anyway, that’s the end of that. Again, we hope you check out the review. And please check out Meggan’s blog-she certainly deserves it.

If you’re so inclined, you can check out Porce’s Constrictor, here. As a final reminder, our new novel, Always In My Eyes, is coming out tomorrow (!).

As always, thanks so much for reading,

W & W Sawday


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