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What Makes Someone Exceptional?

Our thoughts on exceptionalism.

Wyatt: I think exceptional people never give up. I think they set goals for themselves and always see them through. Exceptional people don’t make excuses; exceptional people make changes. Exceptional people understand that actions often speak louder than words. Exceptional people don’t view setbacks as failures, but opportunities to improve.

Walt: I think exceptional people have an incredible ability to put themselves in another’s shoes. I think they think carefully before they speak and act. Exceptional people don’t talk over people; exceptional people talk with people. Exceptional people understand that listening can be much more difficult than speaking. Exceptional people refuse to stereotype others, instead appreciating the differences that make us individuals.

What do you think makes people exceptional? How does this influence the way you act on a day-to-day basis? Thanks so much for reading,

W & W Sawday


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