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New Trailer for our Serialization

Hey All,

Happy Friday! We just finished creating a trailer for our ongoing serialization, which is available for FREE (here). Check out the trailer and let us know what you think! Hope you all have a great end to the week and a terrific weekend!


W & W Sawday


6 thoughts on “New Trailer for our Serialization

    • Thank you! We just use windows movie maker and free videos on pixabay. I don’t know if it’s hard, as in difficult, but it takes a reaaaaly long time to find the right clips and sync everything correctly. Glad you liked it! If you have more questions on making them let us know

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      • Dominic Sceski says:

        Okay, I see. Well all of that sounds doable, but you’re right, it sounds like it takes a lot of time and patience!
        And okay, thank you!


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