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Amazon Vacation

Hey Everyone,

We’re currently on vacation. Sadly, no, we’re not in the Amazon; but the time off has helped us check out a few shows we’ve been wanting to watch on Amazon. Here are some short reviews:

Oasis: This one is part of Amazon’s survival-of-the-fittest, viewers pick which pilot they like the most shindig. Set in the not-too-distant future, the pilot centers around a new colony on another planet. The main character is a pastor who is brought to the colony under fairly strange circumstances, hailed by the colony’s missing founder. The first episode lays out a lot of interesting paths the show can take, and we were (are) curious to see more. There’s also some really beautiful cinematography. Some of the dialogue was a little…bland, but overall we really enjoyed it. Solid 4.5/5.

The Legend of Master Legend: Another contestant in the pilot games (which, fyi, we’re not really clear how the whole thing works, but we can’t even imagine how stressful that must be for the actors, directors, producers etc. Granted, it’s a really cool opportunity, but yeesh). Anyway, this was a refreshing story about a everyday guy in Las Vegas masquerading around as a superhero. There were some really funny moments, but also some cringe-inducing lines. The main character’s relationship with his daughter was intriguing, as was his relationship with his deranged, crack-addicted brother. While the end of the pilot certainly ended with a bang, it lacked some of the sheer wonder that something like Oasis elicited. Still, a really solid pilot, and we wouldn’t be disappointed if it won out over Oasis. 4/5.

Patriot: How have we never heard of this before? Have you? The first episode had us laughing more than anything we’ve watched in a long time. Some of the humor’s pretty dark, and there’s actually a lot of pain and desperation going on beneath the surface, but man…really interesting show. Basically, the main character is a kind of spy/special agent, working for a construction company to infiltrate/influence the Iranian election. The story is that perfect mix of surrealism, action, and humor that might not work for everyone, but is really engaging for us. 5/5.

What are you watching right now? Got any suggestions for us? Have you seen any of the above shows? What do you think? Let us know in the comments. As always, thanks for reading,

W & W Sawday


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