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Visualize it!

We seem to be posting a lot about motivation lately (what could possibly be the reason for that, we wonder?).

One thing we like to do when we reach a tough point in our work is to take a bit of a break from actually writing and draw…something. From our story.

Neither of us are artistic people (well, Wyatt thinks his writing is, but…yeah). That doesn’t faze us. The point is to get something on a page that is a rough approximation for something in our story. It could be a character, a building, anything.

Again, we are not good drawers/painters/graphic people. You really don’t need to be. Often, simply by drawing something from your story, the object not only becomes real, but you might discover details/nuances you didn’t realize existed before. This can help your writing in a variety of ways, not least of which might be beefing up your exposition. Sometimes, through our drawings, we’ve discovered whole plot points.

Here’s our most recent example, taken from our ongoing serialization, The Haunting of Kaleb Bell:


Yeah, it’s a map. The drawing doesn’t have to be all that complicated! Even something like a map can help you discover things about your writing you’d never even imagined before. For example: we have no idea what Prospect Hill is. Will it be featured in our story now? Couldn’t say. But it’s…there. Even if it’s only mentioned off-hand, we hope (and think) details like that can help bring a reader into a story.

What say you? Do any of you writers ever draw anything from your works-in-progress? Do you find it helps? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks as always for reading, and hope you all have a great weekend,

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4 thoughts on “Visualize it!

  1. I was in a writing workshop and we would do things other than writing. Each class started with a meditation, a free write(sharing & discussion followed). We’d draw in our notebooks – the mediums or drawing restrictions would change. This was followed by another free write. The writing at the beginning of the class was so different than at the end, it was almost as if it became enriched as we worked together. Now, whenever I get stuck writing, I start doing something else…just like in Men in Black 3 with Jay’s suggestion to “Go have some pie”.

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