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Patron of the Arts

Hey Everyone,

As we alluded to on our post on Monday, we’ve recently created a Patreon page. For those of you who are unfamiliar – Patreon is sort of like a crowd-funding service for creators of various types; there are journalists, painters, graphic designers, writers, YouTube creators – pretty much anything. Patrons can pledge to support Patreon creators either a) by a monthly donation or b) by a donation for each creative “work” a creator creates. In return, Patrons get access to a variety of extra content produced by the creators, limited really only by what the creators elect to put out there.

It’s a really cool platform for creators who might have a tough time getting compensation (and the corresponding validation) for their work. It’s also a really great way for creators to interact with their fans.

We’re doing it for a variety of reasons – most importantly, we create a lot of content that doesn’t really lend itself to standard outlets; i.e., drawings, videos, etc. We thought Patreon might be a good platform to share these creations with anyone who might want access to that kind of content. Also, it would allow us to communicate more directly with people who take a shining to our work.

The fundamental purpose, for us, is not the monetary component. We both love to write, and we’ve been doing it for free for over seven years. Rather, the purpose is to share more content with our readers, and hopefully get to know some of them better.

So, from now on, you’ll notice a brief note at the end of each of our posts directing you to our Patreon page. We can’t stress this enough: please don’t feel obligated to make a donation. But, if you’d like access to some cool, unique content, maybe check it out. The notes will look like this:

Thank you so much for reading! If you liked what you read and want to get access to some more cool content, check out our Patreon page here (we’ll be writing a blog post about this soon). Please, PLEASE don’t feel obligated – we just have it in case you want to show your support and get access to some cool extras.

With all of that being said, are any of you on Patreon? Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comment section below–we’d love to check out your page!

Thanks so much for your time, and we hope you have a great Wednesday!

W & W Sawday


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